Why choose us

In harmony with tradition

The trademark ETNOBOTANIKA® was established due to the deep respect of our nature and the desire to contribute to the preservation of indigenous traditional knowledge.  Our product range ETNOBOTANIKA® is a complete solution offered by nature.

Controlled indigenous ingredients

We offer you unchanged and original indigenous product recipes. On the one hand, we help to preserve the producers cultural heritage for the next generations, and on the other hand we help the local inhabitants to survive with a fair trade products.

Reliable ECO certification

The base condition to choose the product in our product range is that a product has a certificate for organic plant cultivation.

Natural herbal colors and care masks ETNOBOTANIKA® consists only of one ingredients:  100% natural herbal powder.

Ecocert is an independent French accredited certification body that issued its standard for natural and organic cosmetics in 2003. Products are not permitted to use ethoxylated ingredients, glycols, parabens and artificial fragrances or perfumes. Products must not be tested on animals. The list of ingredients must be available to the consumer in an understandable language, and the international nomenclature of cosmetic ingredients INCI must be used.
USDA certificate

USDA organic – American National Program (NOP) for certification of organic production and processing of food and cosmetics from the Ministry of Agriculture (USDA). Within the framework of the program, the Ministry accredits private companies, organizations and state certification agencies to producers and processors of organic products.

The Indian National Program for Organic Production and the India Organic logo are regulated by the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority, which provides national standards for organic products in India. The objectives of the national program for organic production are: (1) providing funding for the evaluation of certification programs for organic farming and products in accordance with internationally approved criteria (2) accreditation of certification programs (3) facilitating the certification of organic products in accordance with national standards for ecological products (4) to promote the development of organic farming and organic processing.
Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC) has developed an internationally recognized “cruelty free,” a leaping bunny (Leaping Bunny) product that has not been tested on animals at any stage of product development. This applies both to the company that produces the product, to the laboratories with which it cooperates, or to its suppliers.
  ECOCERT RAW MATERIAL standard means control of the starting ingredients that form part of the product recipe. This is a standard that controls the quality at the level of each component of the product.
Original origin for Tahiti
Guaranteed origin from certain parts of the world. It is about protecting the traditions and indigenous products of a particular area. For example, the origin is guaranteed in the case of Monoi oils from Tahiti. We thrive to have a conscious and indigenous natural cosmetic products.


Quality assurance and ethical fair trade

For our product range we guarantee that they are selected according to Fair Trade principles (FAIR TRADE). All people involved in the product process are fairly paid for their work, and at the same time the production process itself does not exploit animals and natural resources.

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