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Free delivery and simple way of payment

Free delivery in Europe for all the orders above 40,00 € with VAT.

For orders below 40,00 € please check with us your postage service fee.

Safe and quick purchase

We try to keep only fresh and controlled products in stock, at the same time we guarantee the control and the shortest possible routes from manufacturers directly to you, end consumers.
For the displayed products on the website, we guarantee that we will send them to your desired address within the deadline of not later than 24 hours after your order payment.

Online consultation

For the real 100 % herbal colors like ours Etnobotanika®, there is no hair color chart. The end color depends on you natural hair color.

If you send us your hair color at the moment and your wished hair color after dying, we can give you quality advice for  the right products and application to achieve your desired shade of hair. With our products you also receives our technical support.

To help you choose the right product or the correct instructions for use, please contact us via the online form:

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