Sonja Velikanje

Owner and natural hair specialist

Gsm: +386 41 350 330
Email: info@etnobotanika.eu


Darko Gostimir

Tehnical and holistic support

Gsm: +386 70 448 228
Email: info@etnobotanika.eu


Anže Juvan

Sales and marketing

Gsm: +386 40 340 667
Email: info@etnobotanika.eu

We are a company that encourages awakened individuals to realize that we are ONE WITH EVERYTHING and that old traditional knowledge offers MOST EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS/PRODUCTS for our everyday personal care.

We firmly believe in continuous learning. Nowadays we are living in most interesting time of human evolution. Therefore we see the progress of modern society in better intergenerational and intercultural cooperation between us.

Through our awareness of the unity of everything and by connecting with you, we create a modern ethical community.

When choosing products, services and our partners, we consciously follow the principles of fair trade, only in that way we can ensure clean product / service energy flow from manufacturers to end-users. Every day we strive to offer a fair payment to all people involved in the process of products and services through our business practice. At the same time, our personal and business practice is sustainable and ethically oriented towards animals, nature and the environment in general.

The long-term vision of ETNOBOTANIKA® is to create and offer the following generations an internationally encouraging and ethical business environment for connecting old traditional knowledge and modern business ideas.

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