Facts about organic henna

1. Henna (Lawsonia inermis) is a natural herbal hair color that merges with our own dye in the skin and hair, so we can not expect intense colors on the dark hair as it can be obtained in synthetic colors. Hanna only emphasizes our natural hair color. In the case of light and gray hair, the color of the henna would be slightly more intense, since these hair does not have a dark color or do not even have it (gray hair). The end hair result will appear after 48 hours.

2. Natural herbal hair color Henna gives a great result for covering the grey hair.

3. If you are not sure what your hair color will look like after henna, we recommend that you first dye only a single lock of hair or on hair that you pick from a brush or comb.

4. Colorful henna does not exist, henna is only one.  If thy they offer you a colorful henna, it means that other plants or at least metal salts are already added to it to the products.

5. More often then not there are some negative rumors about henna, especially among the hairdressers. The fact is that if the henna is in the finest “body art” quality, it does not harm your hair and the scalp.  It also does not destroy hair, it does not break hair, it does not open and does not burn the scalp.

6 On the contrary, henna really effectively treats our scalp, strengthens the hair and stimulates the growth of hair follicles and prevents hair loss. It also protects them from harmful UV rays, prevents the formation of dandruff and gives a hair back the natural silky shine

7. Be careful when you are buying henna powder. You should pay attention to the following market on the label of the product:

-best before date

-batch or lot number (indicating when the leaves of henna were harvested)

Since almost all henna is processed in countries outside the EU, we must be extremely careful when purchasing different commercial versions of the henna powder. Usually, there are already some harmful additives added to the original henna powder.

8. With body-art quality henna, you can also dye over already dyed hair with chemical colours.

9. A final hair color shade will appear 48 after dying.

10. If lemon juice is too aggressive for your scalp, you can also use orange, grapefruit or real tee instead of water.

11. If you still have certain concerns about the use of the organic henna, you can contact us and we will be happy to answer you.