WOODEN COMB Etnobotanika®

The benefits of ETNOBOTANIKA® wooden comb:

  • Accelerate blood circulation of hair follicles on the scalp (-> better scalp care with oxygen and nutrients)

    • Brushing evenly transmits oil or sebum from the scalp all over the length of the hair (-> the tips will not split and the hair will get back its natural shine)

    • Due to the soft and fine treatment of the wood, the comb does not damage the scalp and does not break the hair

    • Wooden comb does not cause harmful electrical static as there is a case with plastic and metal brush

    • The correct ritual of combing hair relaxes both the scalp and the whole body and mind

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Each hand-made comb ETNOBOTANIKA® is unique to itself.

Only with a respectful attitude towards wood can the bond between the wood be preserved as the source of cosmic energy and the user of the comb.

Characteristics of the comb:

  • Uniquely made wooden comb of Slovenian origin

    • correctly harvested, processed and nourished Slovenian premium wood walnut/cherry

    • a handmade comb

    • hand-made organic packaging

    • Ethical product (maintaining the bond between wood as the source of cosmic energy and the user of the comb)

Artist of handmade work with wood Mr. Praznik has been producing unique wooden combs for years with a special attitude and sense of wood.

For the ETNOBOTANIKA® combs, we assure that all the energies involved are completely clean from the source, drying, manual processing and sales. We have a  complete traceability of the comb, and in a single comb there is several hours of precise manual work included.



Wood is alive and his precise treatment is unprecedented art.

Wooden comb is a specific product that, due to its shape and purpose, requires the use of a suitable type and quality of wood. Such woods are mostly non-coniferous, in our case, cherry and walnut.

At the same time, it is important that the timber does not have any irregularities and should be properly dry. The use on wet hair is common, so the wood must be dried to a specified percentage of humidity prior to making the comb.

The teeth of wooden combs are variously hosted and precisely hand-treated with six different angles. Only such processing of the comb gives an extremely good feeling in the hand and also on the scalp.

Every single comb is differently shaped, since each individual has different grip. Here we talk about personalization of combs, for example someone is left-handed and someone is right-handed.

The finished comb is then treated with natural oil of Slovenian origin, which prevents the penetration of moisture and water into the surface of the wood. Any irregularities in the wood (cracks, spasm, and rot) can already be seen as a fragile product that breaks rapidly, but in practice that may cause the contraction of the hair into cracks.

The comb with described properties is impossible to make on the machine or in the mass factory.

Extremely precise manual processing of the combs and first quality wood are both required to produce Etnobotanika wooden comb. 



Nowadays, the beauty industry is trying to show the hair only as a beauty additive, while historically speaking hair has a much greater meaning.

From the biblical story of Samson we equal hair with magical power. When Dalila ordered Samson to cut his hair, he was robbed of his superior power. Was this just symbolic or do your hair really have energy relevance?

US government studies conducted during the war in Vietnam showed the links between hair and intuition. They recruited a group of Indians for their proven and irresistible tracking skills. But after their shave their hair to a standard military hairstyle, their previously tested capabilities suddenly were not there anymore. The fact is that the hair is actually some kind of antenna of our nerve system.

For example, Sikh is a religion that recognizes the importance of hair. They believe that the hair is a gift from God, and therefore they do not cut it. In the Islamic faith, men have special guidelines for shaping their hair, while women have to hide their hair under the covers.

Hair is also associated with aura energy. Through Kirlian’s photograph there is an energy field around the hair. If the hair is short, the energy field is weak. Is it possible that the hair is not only a sensor, but also a transmitter? Hair undoubtedly emits energy.

You probably agree that every part of the body has a special purpose meaning. Certainly, also hair has some, but commonly we as the members of Western civilization put no attention to the hair. Perhaps we only see them as a guard of the head against cold or as decoration. In fact, the hair is a kind of prolonged nervous system, highly sophisticated antenna that provide important information to the brainstem, limbic system and brain cortex. Hair (including chin) transmits information to the brain, and also in the opposite direction – electromagnetic energy from the brain to the environment. Perhaps this is one of the possible reasons for women to be on average more intuitive than men.



It has always been considered that combing hair with natural combs has a special ritual significance. It’s not just a beauty treatment; it’s also a healing and energy technique, as it improves blood circulation, which results in overall well-being, strength, as well as health and hair growth. By combing it, we remove negative energies from the hair, because our hair, as already mentioned, is our antennas and receivers of energy from the surrounding area. Often we find records showing that husband should comb his women’s hair, which is supposed to strengthen male power in the family.


Carefully place yourself on a chair and fold in the belt. Lower your head so that your hair falls on your forehead. Carefully grasp the comb and start combing from the rear forward, that is, from the back toward the head of the head. The last part of the head also has also the most nervous systems, the capillaries, and it is the bloodiest part of the scalp. It is important that the comb is just gently pressed against the scalp, without damaging the scalp. When you feel that the scalp is warm and blood is flowing, continue the same way from the back of the scalp to the side of the scalp.



The comb must be stored dry.  After use on wet hair, it must be dried in the air. It is important that we do not close the comb in a wet area, for example in small drawers, bags etc. When the comb is dry, it can be practically stored anywhere.

The comb can be nicely stored in recycled ecological paper tube, which is enclosed to the comb. The paper tube packaging is also hand made in Slovenia.

Do not let the comb on the sunshine, because it could begin to crack. The comb must be additional oiled only when the comb loses the shine and is no longer completely smooth. At that time, we can also use natural oil, which is otherwise used for hair care.